Episode Guide

Season 5

Episode Guide

Find Your Bench

S5 E13
May 06, 2024
Seven years from now, a lot has changed for Bob, Abishola and their friends and family as they reflect on how far they've come and consider what's most important to them as they head into the future, on the series finale.

Olu! I Popped!

S5 E12
Apr 29, 2024
Bob and Abishola plan a trip to Las Vegas for Kemi's wedding and Kemi and Chukwuemeka get into an argument over his mother.

These Giants Are Flexible

S5 E11
Apr 22, 2024
When Bob and Abishola go to New York City with Dele for his Juilliard audition, Abishola reconnects with her brother Ade.

Diamonds Are Made to Sparkle

S5 E10
Apr 15, 2024
When Bob second-guesses selling MaxDot, a new buyer presents a compelling offer. Also, the prospect of new wealth has Abishola stuck between her conservative nature to hide it and Nigerian pressure to flaunt it.

Sad Cupcakes

S5 E9
Apr 01, 2024
When Bob receives an offer to sell MaxDot, he must weigh the potential payout against his family's legacy. Also, when the hospital cuts nursing staff, Abishola and Gloria's relationship is strained.

My Michelle Obama

S5 E8
Mar 25, 2024
When Ebun attempts to establish herself as matriarch, Olu worries she's losing her place in the family; Bob and Abishola are forced to choose sides. Also, Tunde is appointed interim deacon at church.

Worth the Cooties

S5 E7
Mar 18, 2024
After Christina kicks Abishola and Dottie out for making light of her pre-pregnancy preparations, Christina bonds with Douglas and Abishola spends a fun day with Dottie. Also, when Bob, Goodwin and Kofo are stumped on a work issue, Bob insists they go out to lunch to loosen up.

A Tablespoon of Dad

S5 E6
Mar 11, 2024
When Dottie moves her husband Max’s urn into Bob and Abishola’s living room, everyone is forced to confront their views on death and the afterlife. Also, Goodwin pits Douglas and Kofo against each other in a battle for Dottie’s vacant MaxDot office.

Tayo Time

S5 E5
Mar 04, 2024
When Abishola's ex-husband, Tayo, visits Detroit for work, everyone falls under his spell except Bob and Abishola, who know there must be more to his visit than he claims.

The Heart Attack Boys

S5 E4
Mar 04, 2024
When Christina tells her family that she's decided to have a baby by herself, Bob and Abishola start to reconsider whether to have a baby of their own as well.

The Devil's Hot Tub

S5 E3
Feb 26, 2024
Abishola and Kemi's friendship is pushed to the edge when Kemi wants to have a Las Vegas wedding. Bob and the Wheelers have to avert a strike at MaxDot before it sinks the family business.

Kill the Cat

S5 E2
Feb 19, 2024
After Tunde gets into a car accident, Bob and Abishola cajole him into getting glasses but worry that his issues are more than just his eyesight.

The Dead Eyes of a Respectful Son

S5 E1
Feb 12, 2024
When Abishola finds out Dele cancelled his plans to go to Harvard behind her back, Bob steps in to keep her from going ballistic, on the season premiere.