Season 25

Episode Guide

Episode 42

S25 E42
Nov 09, 2023
With only three remaining, Bowie, Jag, and Matt go to battle in the three part final Head of Household competition. Who will emerge victorious and earn the power to cast the last eviction vote of BB 25? Plus, the Jury returns to choose the winner of the $750,000 grand prize. And we reveal who you voted as America's Favorite Houseguest. Then, a huge announcement unleashes a new game just in time for the holidays.

Episode 41

S25 E41
Nov 07, 2023
Matt, Jag, and Bowie get an emotional surprise from home and look back on the craziest moments from this season.

Episode 40

S25 E40
Nov 05, 2023
It's the last Veto competition of the season. Where the winner determines who has the sole vote to evict. Find out who joins Bowie Jane in the final three. Plus, BB 24 winner Taylor Hale returns to discuss the record breaking 100-day season.

Episode 39

S25 E39
Nov 02, 2023
Either Felicia or Cirie will be the next sent to Jury. Will Jag get Matt on board to betray his friend Cirie? Plus, who will become the Head of Household and punch their ticket to Finale Night? And, what's been going down at the Jury House?

Episode 38

S25 E38
Oct 31, 2023
The Power of Veto is on the line. But they'll have to survive the Swamp Slasher if they want the Power.

Episode 37

S25 E37
Oct 29, 2023
Tonight see all the begging, pleading, and strategizing that you didn't see durning the double; and with only five remaining winning Head of Household is more important than ever. Plus, two more house guests will hit the hot seat.

Episode 36

S25 E36
Oct 26, 2023
Will Blue be blindsided and sent to Jury? And which Houseguest will leave second? Because it's Double Eviction night, baby! A crazy, unpredictable, and heart pounding week's worth of gameplay, all in one night.

Episode 35

S25 E35
Oct 24, 2023
Will the Power of Veto save one of the nominees? Plus, will Felicia put Cirie on Jag's nominee radar?

Episode 34

S25 E34
Oct 22, 2023
The surviving seven go to battle for Head of Household, but will they survive Johnny Mac the demented dentist? Plus, who will be the unlucky block buddies?

Episode 33

S25 E33
Oct 19, 2023
What will happen at a 'super-charged' Veto Meeting? Will the Showmance be sacrificed? And which Houseguest will be Jury bound?

Episode 32

S25 E32
Oct 17, 2023
With the Mighty Minute Men seemingly indestructible, will the Golden Power of Veto become their BB Kryptonite? Plus, will the BB Power of Multiplicity spell double trouble for the heroic Houseguests?

Episode 31

S25 E31
Oct 15, 2023
What will Comic-Week bring to the BB game, and for the first time ever the Head of Household is up for grabs in the classic BB Comics. Who will ascend to heroic heights?

Episode 30

S25 E30
Oct 12, 2023
Will the plan to backdoor Cameron come to fruition? And which houseguest will be the first sent to the jury house? Plus, what super surprises will be unleashed as comic week begins?

Episode 29

S25 E29
Oct 10, 2023
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it force Bowie Jane to choose a new target? Plus, Zingbot is back! What zings will he sling? And will the houseguests be left in tears from laughing or crying?

Episode 28

S25 E28
Oct 08, 2023
For weeks, the DJ has been laying low, but what happens when she's in charge? And which houseguests will she throw on the barbie at nominations?

Episode 27

S25 E27
Oct 05, 2023
Will Cory be back-doored? Or will Felicia stay in the line of fire? And who will be the final Houseguest evicted before Jury begins? Plus, a new Head of Household will be crowned.

Episode 26

S25 E26
Oct 03, 2023
Will Felicia or Mecole's soul be saved at the Veto Competition? And will Cameron's target change to a bombshell backdoor?

Episode 25

S25 E25
Oct 01, 2023
The game resumes with the final ten vying for the Head of Household. Who will win the power, and which two guests will be put on the chopping block?

Episode 24

S25 E24
Sep 28, 2023
Which zombie will emerge from the Resurrection Rumble, with the power to put fate in his own hands? And who will have their game dead and buried for good?

Episode 23

S25 E23
Sep 24, 2023
Jared and Cameron return from the grave as BB zombies, how will the house react to this spine-tingling twist? Plus witness all the crazy drama you didn't see during the death-defying double.

Episode 22

S25 E22
Sep 21, 2023
Will Cameron finally be evicted from the Big Brother House? And who will follow? As a terrifying Double Eviction kicks off Scary Week, a full week of gameplay and one night of fright. Plus, a scary ending that will send shivers down the spines of all who survive.

Episode 21

S25 E21
Sep 20, 2023
Who will win the Power of Veto, and will the plan to get Cameron on the block succeed?

Episode 20

S25 E20
Sep 17, 2023
Who will conquer the wall and become the new Head of Household, and which houseguest will be targeted for eviction? Plus witness the war of words that blew the house apart before Izzys departure.

Episode 19

S25 E19
Sep 14, 2023
One of Cirie's top allies exits the game, but will it be who she expects? Plus, the Head of Household is on the line in the iconic Wall Competition and the Houseguests come face-to-face with a legendary meatball.

Episode 18

S25 E18
Sep 13, 2023
The Power of Veto is on the line, with special guest host Josh Duhamel. Will the golden power save one of the nominees, and will Cameron shock the house by backdooring Cirie?

Episode 17

S25 E17
Sep 10, 2023
Humila Week is under way and the space cowboy is in control. Will Cameron cause chaos and shake up the house?

Episode 16

S25 E16
Sep 07, 2023
Will eviction history repeat itself for Jag, or will the chillbillie be left out in the cold? Plus, who will become the next Head of Household?

Episode 15

S25 E15
Sep 06, 2023
Will the Power of Veto save one of the Chillers from the hot seat, and if so who will become Jared's next target?

Episode 14

S25 E14
Sep 03, 2023
Every houseguest competes for the most important Head of Household so far. Who will win power, and who will they target?

Episode 13

S25 E13
Aug 31, 2023
Either Jag or Blue will be evicted, or will they? Because one of the four Houseguests you chose to compete for the BB Power of Invincibility will win the chance to save an evicted Houseguest. Who will play? Who will win? And will they stop the eviction?

Episode 12

S25 E12
Aug 30, 2023
Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will Jag or Blue secure their safety? Plus, will Jared spill his big secret?

Episode 11

S25 E11
Aug 27, 2023
Who will survive this epic competition and rise to power, and which Houseguest will end up on the block?

Episode 10

S25 E10
Aug 24, 2023
With the doctor's game on life support, will the house stick to their plan of saying by-sam to Hisam? Plus, for 18 years, fans have demanded the return of the epic pressure cooker competition. Tonight, it's back.

Episode 9

S25 E9
Aug 23, 2023
Who will win the power of veto, and will the plan to blindside Hisam succeed? Plus, Jared and Blue continue to get closer, but will his mom put a stop to it?

Episode 8

S25 E8
Aug 20, 2023
The Head of Household is on the line, who will rise to glory and which two houseguests will end up on the chopping block? Plus is a summer show-mance blossoming?

Episode 7

S25 E7
Aug 17, 2023
Is there trouble in paradise for the professor's alliance? And will it lead to a flip on Hisam to send Cameron packing instead of Riley?

Episode 6

S25 E6
Aug 16, 2023
Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will it save Reilly or Cameron from the chopping block? Plus, which soul will be sent to the nether-region next, and how will it impact the game?

Episode 5

S25 E5
Aug 13, 2023
Where did the houseguests go? Plus who will become the new Head of Household, and what game changing twists will emerge from the nether-region?

Episode 4

S25 E4
Aug 10, 2023
Tonight, the houseguests will vote to evict either Felicia or Kirsten. Plus, what terrifying twist will emerge from the scary-verse?

Episode 3

S25 E3
Aug 09, 2023
It's the first Veto competition of the summer, will the golden power save one of the nominees? Plus the game kicks into gear as major alliances begin to form.

Episode 2

S25 E2
Aug 06, 2023
Will Cirie and Jared be able to keep their mother son secret under wraps? Plus what other twists does the Big Brother multiverse have in store, and who will claim power and become the first Head of Household of the season.

Episode 1

S25 E1
Aug 02, 2023
Sixteen complete strangers enter this house, to try to make their own mark on 'BB' history. Totally cut off from the outside world, they compete for safety and power. Each week, they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one houseguest remains, to claim the $750,000 grand prize. What does the 'BB' universe have in store?